Campus Development

Enrolment has grown substantially over the past 10 years and Humber has kept pace by giving priority to the creation of additional instructional space to accommodate students and to improvements of physical infrastructure. Campus development supports Humber's strategic, enrolment and community plans.

A Campus Development Plan for the North and Lakeshore campuses has been developed and acts as a roadmap guiding the development of all projects. The Plan adheres to several broad strategic goals

  • Increase instructional seat capacity
  • Renew instructional and instructional support spaces
  • Expand learner support facilities
  • Define landmark entrances and enhance campus arrival experience
  • Invest in faculty and administrative offices in conjunction with increases in academic space

A Master Development Plan has been concurrently developed for the planned Orangeville campus (currently housed in rental facilities at the Alder Street Recreational complex and on Riddell Road).

This new campus could ultimately house 2,000 students and is located on Veterans' Way and Broadway.