Humber Backfill Project (2015-2017)

With the completion of the North Campus’s Learning Resource Commons and F Wing addition, work has now begun that will ensure that the vacated spaces are used to their maximum potential.

The Humber Backfill Project is a two-year initiative that will reallocate approximately 100,000 square feet of space across 47 projects. It represents a significant opportunity to meet the growing needs of the North Campus, providing new labs, classrooms and office space for Humber’s students, staff and faculty.

SAT - NX corridor into SAT reception 2nd floor
SAT - NX corridor into SAT reception 2nd floor
SAT Reception - NX 2nd floor
SAT Reception - NX 2nd floor
Student Gallery - 1st floor NX Building corridor
Student Gallery - 1st floor NX Building corridor

Allocation of space was based on five key institutional priorities:

  1. Maintain the same ratio of space-per-student as currently achieved
  2. Give priority to instructional space
  3. Give priority to spaces that support the college’s Academic Plan
  4. Relocate West mall functions to the North Campus and cluster all ITS services
  5. Relocate other services and function off campus if required

Space reallocation is divided as follows:

New classroom facilities 10,312 SF
Existing classrooms and PC labs relocated 13,330 SF
New lab facilities 22,800 SF
Existing lab facilities relocated 10,929 SF
Academic offices expanded or relocated 61,411 SF
Student engagement and administrative offices expanded or relocated 22,500 SF
College services and campus support 2,659 SF
Allocation deferred until Academic Plan and/or Campus Development Plan are in place 5,952 SF
Vacant space remaining suitable for instructional use 17,929 SF
Vacant space remaining not suitable for instructional use 6,888 SF

If you have any questions, please contact Scott Valens at

Backfill Project Status Update

Services/departments now in the Humber Learning Resource Commons

First floor

  • Welcome and Information desk
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Academic & Career Success Centre (includes Recruitment)

Second floor

  • Student Life/Dean of Students
  • Aboriginal Resource Centre
  • Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre (includes the health centre, disability/accessibility services and counseling)
  • International Centre
  • Testing Services
  • Multi-Faith Centre/Prayer Room

Third floor

  • Dan Andreae Math and Writing Centre
  • Learning Commons
  • Peer Assisted Learning Support

Fourth floor

  • Library

Fifth floor

  • School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Advancement & Alumni Relations
  • Academic Upgrading
  • Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Diversity

Sixth Floor

  • Human Resources
  • Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Diversity
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Senior Administration
  • Program Planning, Development and Renewal
  • Strategic Planning and Institutional Analysis
  • Governors’/President’s boardrooms

Who will be moving into now-vacated spaces

Who Where Projected completion date
Public Safety NX, 1st floor February 2016
School of Applied Technology NX, 2nd - 5th  floor February 2016
Dual Credit/ Community and Workforce Development J Building May 2016/August 2016
Classrooms (programs to be confirmed) N Building May 2016/August 2016
Liberal Arts & Sciences H Building May 2016
Classrooms (programs to be confirmed) H Building August 2016
Health Sciences E Building, 4th floor September 2016
Classrooms (programs to be confirmed) E Building September 2016
Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism office space B Building, 1st floor April 2016
Child care centre JF Building April 2016
Pre-services Fire Fighter program W Building August 2016
Fitness labs and locker rooms C Building September 2016
Healthy food retail outlet C Building September 2016
Research D Building March 2016
Wine/Mixology lab D131 August 2016
Shipping and Receiving (HRT) E Building, 1st floor August 2016
Practical culinary labs D133 December 2016

Capital Works projects include:

  • Centre for Innovation (1st floor, A Building)
  • HRT temporary office space (C101E)
  • Corporate training room (D Building, 2nd floor)
  • Open Access Lab (D Building, 1st floor)
  • Office cluster facilities/Capital Development (D Building, 1st floor)
  • LGBTQ Resource Centre/Student and Corporate Events (E Building, 1st floor)
  • Business offices (E building, 2nd floor)
  • Simulation apartment (H Building, 4th floor)
  • Health Sciences offices (K Building, 2nd floor)
  • Media Studies offices (M Building, 1st floor)

Project Updates