Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations highlight important processes. Academic Regulations can vary depending on which program you are completing at Humber.

To view the Academic Regulations please select the appropriate link below:

Marketing Policy

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School Level Academic Appeals

  • Review an In Course piece of work or Final Exam  – Appeals of major assignments worth at least 20% of the final grade and where it is believed there is a discrepancy of at least 10% between the grade earned and the grade believed to have been earned.
  • Grade Review – Appeals based on a miscalculation of the final grade or deviation from the evaluation procedures described in the course outline
  • Review an Academic Decision – Appeals regarding an academic decision pertaining to probation, academic withdraw, expulsion, academic misconduct, or special consideration on the basis of medical, psychological or compassionate grounds.

College Level Academic Appeal – Following the completion of the School-Level Academic Appeal, if a major academic decision is not satisfactorily resolved or a student who is subject to the Professional Suitability Policy may launch a College Level Academic Appeal

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