Course Name Course Code
Accounting Basics TECH 168
Basic Concepts of Reliability QENG 158
Business Report Writing TECH 193
Commercial Construction Principles CNST 171
Computer Applications in Quality Assurance QENG 157
Construction Contract Bid Management CNST 175
Construction Contracts and Documents CNST 173
Designing, Managing and Implementing a GIS GIS 301
Effective Team Leadership TECH 515
Emergency Management OHSC 109
Energy Resources SNRG 118
Environment Management Introduction OHSC 108
Environmental Geology SNRG 119
Environmental Laws and Regulations SNRG 120
Ergonomics OHSC 103
Exterior Inspection HMIN 015
Financial Systems for Operations Management TECH 520
Fire Prevention and Protection and Safety Techniques and Technology OHSC 105
GIS Software: Arcview GIS 102
Global Positioning System: GPS GIS 104
Global Warming Concepts SNRG 117
Human Resources Management TECH 195
Industrial Relations TECH 518
Interior Insulation Inspection HMIN 017
Internet Mapping GIS 105
Introduction to Cost Estimating CNST 170
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems GIS 101
Introduction to Sustainable Development SNRG 115
Leadership and Effective Communication in Industrial Distribution IDL 104
Management Labour Concerns in Occupational Health and Safety OHSC 107
Material Estimating and Methods CNST 172
Materials and Operations Management TECH 521
MS Access: Expert GIS 207
Occupational Hygiene OHSC 102
Principles of Management TECH 517
Remote Sensing GIS 103
Roofing Inspection HMIN 016
Security+ Certification ITCE 112
Sustainability SNRG 116
The Construction Industry CNST 174
Total Quality Management QENG 159