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Offered  in partnership with PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada,  the Asset Management Professional Certificate (AMPC) program has been designed to build organizational capacity for excellence in asset management. This program is relevant for mid-career professionals and senior managers from varied disciplines including engineering, IT, business and finance from all types of organizations, banks, Town or Municipal offices, or other agencies and institutions.

Every business or agency seeks to maximize revenue, minimize costs, and minimize the risk of damage to people, property and the environment. These commonly held goals demand proactive practices in management of assets.

The program has been developed with reference to both ISO 5500x and the Asset Management Landscape produced by the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management. Successful completion of the program leads to a Certificate of Completion from Humber College, which can be used to apply to PEMAC for the Certified Asset Management Professional (CAMP) professional designation.

This program is offered entirely online through Humber's Learning Management system, Blackboard 9.1. The Humber Blackboard course link is The Blackboard Learn 9.1 - Student Help is found at- Blackboard Learn 9.1.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  PEMAC has decided to transition this program, course by course, from Humber College to Northern Lakes College.  Students who started their program with Humber College will still have the opportunity to complete the program at Humber.  Please see the course schedule below.


Admission Requirements:  We regret to inform you that Humber is not accepting new entrants to this program.  See Important Notice above.  


Certificate Criteria:  6 compulsory courses

AMPC 201 Principles and Strategic Development (first course)

This course provides an overview of the essentials of Asset Management in the context of ISO 5500x and assists the participants to identify opportunities for application of Asset Management concepts in their own organization to realize value. Topics include the history of Asset Management development including PAS55 and ISO 5500x, the purpose of Asset Management Policy and the importance of congruence in applying it across the organization ('line of sight'), Asset Management Strategy and Asset Management Plans. The course also provides an overview of Asset Management decision-making tools covered in more detail in subsequent courses: risk assessment, lifecycle delivery activities, design for reliability, asset rationalization and disposal decisions. Understanding of these concepts is valuable for building a common language among managers and leaders responsible for acquisition/disposal and stewardship of corporate assets. It will be of most direct benefit to senior leaders and asset management champions of an organization.

AMPC 202 Asset Management Capabilities Development

This course is focused on how to develop the organizational capability for engaging the workforce to achieve excellent Asset Management performance. Topics covered include analysis of the organizational structure for the purpose of identifying changes needed for a holistic approach to asset management, change management, project management, systems thinking, training needs assessment, customer-supplier relationships, adaptive organizations and cultural discipline. This course is targeted to senior leaders and asset management champions within an organizations however, anyone in a position of progressive leadership will also benefit.

AMPC 203 Risk Management and Performance Improvement

This course provides an overview of Risk Management tools and techniques and how these techniques can be used to drive performance improvement through the planning, decision-making and operational phases of any corporate objective. It looks at risk management in the context of holistic Asset Management in which all classes of assets are included - physical assets / equipment, knowledge / information assets, human resources and strategy assets. Reference is made to both ISO 5500x for Asset Management and ISO 3100x for Risk Management. This course would benefit individuals at all levels of the organization. Practitioners could apply the concepts at the project level, managers could apply the concepts at the departmental level and leaders could apply the concepts at the corporate level. With everyone speaking a common language, risk analysis exercises will achieve better buy-in and success.

AMPC 204 Developing and Implementing Asset Lifecycle Delivery Activities

This course provides participants with an understanding of different characteristics and requirements for managing assets through the asset lifecycle delivery stages from asset acquisition, through asset operations & maintenance, to asset disposal. Participants will learn when to use various strategies and tactics and will practice applying them to real-world examples. Topics covered include capital investment planning, systems engineering, configuration management, defining asset performance standards (levels of service), reliability centered maintenance, failure modes effects analysis, root cause analysis, repair / replace decision making and asset disposal. The course is targeted to mid-career professionals who are responsible for the acquisition phase of any kind of corporate asset. Only when lifecycle strategies and tactics are implemented at the front-end of asset acquisition will the long-term minimum lifecycle cost be achieved at agreed upon levels of risk.

AMPC 205 Asset Knowledge Management

This course covers asset information and knowledge management across the full asset lifecycle from the front-end engineering design through the to the "operate and maintain" phase and eventually to asset retirement. Referring to ISO 14224, the course provides a strategic level view of the important role that information and Knowledge Management plays in an asset dependent businesses. The course also provides a practical, hands-on framework for implementing an Asset Information and Knowledge Management system. The course is targeted to both managers and practitioners who hold the responsibility of managing and improving asset performance and who want to understand how to achieve their goals through better information and Knowledge Management practices.

AMPC 206 Capstone

This course reviews the elements of the previous 5 courses and provides the participants with the opportunity to bring the concepts together in an applied project that requires the development of an Asset Management Policy and Strategy for an organization as well as the development and implementation of an Asset Management Plan for a particular class of assets. Participants are expected to demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply the core concepts previously addressed.


Principles and Strategic Development (AMPC 201) course is a prerequisite for all other courses.  Once the prerequisite is met, AMPC 202-AMPC 205 courses can be taken in any order.  AMPC 206 must be taken last upon completion of all the other courses.

Required Resources/Textbooks

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Course Expectations:

Courses have a set start and end date and are offered as an asynchronous learning method- meaning students are not expected to come together online at a specific time. Each course has a Critical Path that is intended to guide students to meet the deadlines for assignments, discussions and quizzes in a timely fashion. Students must be prepared to spend six to nine hours for each course per week on homework and learning materials.

Humber Certificate:

Once you have successfully completed all the required courses in this program, contact us at to request your Humber certificate. Please include your first and last name, student number, program title and current mailing address in your email.

CAMP Designation Requirements:

Individuals who successfully complete all six courses are eligible to apply to PEMAC for the Certified Asset Management Professional (CAMP) professional designation from PEMAC. Additional requirements to maintain certification may be stipulated from time to time by the Education and Professional Development committee.  For more information regarding CAMP designation, contact the association directly at 905-823-7255 or visit


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Fall 2020 Schedule - Registration Opens July 31st

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AMPC 206 Capstone $830  -- 15-Sep to 24-Nov Online

Note:  Schedule subject to change based on demand.

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