The Centre for Teaching & Learning is dedicated to the development and enhancement of teaching and learning practices across the institution. CLT's Directors and colleagues are willing to arrange individual consultations on issues related to teaching and learning. Confidential advice and support is available.

Eileen DeCourcy

Eileen DeCourcy
Associate Vice President, Teaching and Learning
North Campus LRC-6126
(416) 675-6622 x4766


Falisha Rowe

Administrative Coordinator
North Campus D225
(416) 675-6622 x5548


Katie Billard
Teaching and Learning Specialist
North Campus D225
(416) 675-6622 x5520


Dekel Chui
Coordinator, AV/Graphics
North Campus D214
(416) 675-6622 x5133


Andrea Chan
AV Graphics Designer
North Campus D214
(416) 675-6622 x4652

Carol Appleby

Carol Appleby
Director, Professional Development
North Campus D225
(416) 675-6622 x4127


Marsha Barrett
Teaching Excellence Program facilitator
North Campus D225
(416) 675-6622 x5416


Ranya Khan
Faculty Development Advisor
North Campus D225
(416) 675-6622 x5598


Nicole Chuchmach
Online teaching and learning specialist
North Campus D225
(416) 675-6622 x4352


Ravneet Mann
Workshop Coordinator
North Campus D225
(416) 675-6622 x4767


Mark Ihnat
Director, eLearning
Phone (416) 675-6622 Ext: 4752 (Twitter - @eLearningHumber)


Faculty Support/Training & Online Course Development

Phone (416) 675-6622

Ricardo Alvez
Data and Mobile Specialist - Web/App Development & Programming
Ext: 4121

DawnMarie Warren
Multimedia Design & Print Technologist
Ext: 4458

Grace Pereda Martinez
Multimedia Design & Print Technologist
Ext: 5282

Katharine Webb (Currently off campus)
Multimedia Design & Print Technologist
Ext: 5282

Susan Schulte
Faculty Training & Support Specialist
Ext: 3330


Open Learning Centre 

Phone (416) 675-5049 OR
Toll free 1-877-215-6117
Twitter @HumberOLC

Naveed Aqeel   
Digital Learning Specialist (Staff Support & Blackboard Administrator)  
Ext: 5206

Christine Augustine (Business School Contact)
Student Support Advisor
Ext: 5582

Somera Muzaffar (Training and Education Solutions, Media, Performing Arts, Social Community Services and School of HRT, & Health Sciences Contact)
Student Support Advisor
Ext: 4996

Sandy Shivratan (OntarioLearn)
eLearning Coordinator
Ext: 5534

Mariam Sayed (School of Applied Technology and School of Health Sciences)
Student Support Advisor

Keshia Ellis (Currently off campus)
Student Support Advisor
Ext: 5847

Angeline Brown (Currently off campus)
Student Support Advisor
Ext: 5749

The Studio 

Phone (416) 675-6622

Computer Training Assistants (Waterloo Co-op Students) are available to provide one-on-one support through drop-in, phone and email.

Ran Lan - Lakeshore Campus
Cottage D, Room D112    Ext: 3288
Abinaya Kalanandan - North Campus
Building D, Room D225J    Ext: 4744



Monday 8:30 - 4:30
Tuesday 10:30 - 6:30
Wednesday 10:30 - 6:30
Thursday 10:30 - 6:30
Friday 8:30 - 4:30

Faculty! Need weekend Blackboard support? Call the Open Learning Centre on Saturday/Sunday between 9-5pm!