Currently, the eLearning Department and the Open Learning Centre (OLC) helps Schools manage 250+ online courses per semester and close to 17000 online students per academic year.  Growth in the development of our online courses continues at a rapid pace as our database of online courses is now close to 400 courses.  Furthermore, Humber College typically builds 20+ new online courses per year to meet the growing demands of our students who crave flexible, innovative and pedagogically sound online courses. 

In order to help manage Schools with the growth of their online courses, the eLearning team has created a Master Course List management program that allows Schools to manage their online courses.  Creating a master list of online courses, or better yet as master list of dev sites, enables Schools to keep track of the quality of their courses and enables their faculty to use the most current online course available.

If you are interested in this program, please contact Mark Ihnat (, eLearning Director, and find out how eLearning can help you manage and maintain your online course offerings.