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Scholarly Writing Boot Camp (Applications are Due Sept 15, 2016 at 5p.m.)

What it is:

A chance to make a commitment to get a piece of scholarly writing done, by dedicating a consolidated period of time in a silent group retreat context.


What it’s like:

Writing in chunks of time, in a quiet, distraction-minimized environment of like-minded people, with scheduled start, stop, and break times. We will agree upon basic ground rules at the beginning, and stick to a semi-structured schedule of writing with occasional breaks for two solid days. Goal-setting and reflection will also be important components of the process.


When & Where:

The Boot Camp will run from approximately 3 p.m. October 5 to 5 p.m. October 7 at Horseshoe Valley Resort.

We will meet at the retreat location in the afternoon of October 5. That evening we will agree upon the ground rules for the Boot Camp, formulate our writing goals, and have our first writing session. Thursday and Friday, we will be writing all day. On Friday at 4 p.m., we will do some closing activities, then head home.


What to expect:

Because spaces are  limited, we are asking participants to commit to attending the entire boot camp; to be present from 9:00-4:30 each day; and to respect the agreed-upon ground rules (e.g., no chatting or otherwise distracting others; avoid using technological distractions such as cell phones, email, FaceBook, etc.).


What will be provided:

-Food, beverages (read: coffee!)

-Accommodation for two evenings

-Basic office supplies (highlighters, pens, paper clips, etc.)

-Writing resources (e.g., guidelines on where to begin, how to structure a paper, manuscript formatting guidelines, what to do when you’re stuck, etc.)


What to bring:

-Your own favourite snacks/power foods/comfort foods

-Earplugs or earphones with music if you prefer


-Any notes you need (articles, papers, books, etc.)

-A device on which to do your writing, along with a power cord/charger


Why participate?

This is a chance to make a commitment to make some real goal-driven progress on a piece of scholarly writing you have been putting off. Embedding yourself in this kind of environment, with the positive peer pressure of like-minded individuals, and in a distraction-minimized environment, with structured and scheduled writing blocks can empower you to make substantial progress in a relatively short amount of time.


Criteria for selection:

1)      Priority will be given to those who have completed research through the Teaching Innovation Fund (with data collected and analyzed) and who will be writing up the results of that research for publication.

2)      Priority will be given to those who have NOT attended a Writing Boot Camp Before.

3)      Priority will be given to those who can commit to attending the entire boot camp.

4)      Applications will further be adjudicated based on writing quality, project progress to date and articulated timeline to completion. 

Space is limited (Only 10 spots are available, with an additional wait list in case of cancellations). To be considered, please complete the following application, justifying why you would benefit from this program, and submit it to your Dean for approval.


To download the application, click here.


Completed applications can be submitted to the Centre for Teaching & Learning (D225, North Campus), or scanned and emailed to Heidi.Marsh@humber.ca