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Teaching Innovation Fund (Next deadline: September 30, 2016)

A support package to help faculty develop and conduct a project focused on a teaching and learning research question.

Drop-In Sessions:
Drop-in information sessions will be held at the North campus on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 (11am-1pm, CTL D225I) and at the Lakeshore campus on Thursday, September 22, 2016 (11am-1pm, G204).

What’s included:
-Up to $1000.00 per investigator to explore the impact of a teaching and learning innovation.

-A SoTL workbook to guide faculty through the process.

-Mentorship and support from the CTL, from proposal development to data collection and analysis.

-Peer support throughout the research process, through a community of practice.

All faculty (full-time; part-time; partial load) are eligible to hold the fund.

Faculty may apply jointly to share a combined, larger fund for a collaborative project.

An individual faculty member may apply and receive the fund up to three times in 5 years.

The fund cannot support research that contributes directly to credentials

Application Process:
Faculty are asked to complete the application form:  Click here to download the application form (fillable Word Document).

The form requires a research idea, commitment to attend two 2-hour proposal development workshops, and approval from your Dean.

All applications are approved; that is, if faculty are willing to complete the two workshops and submit a proposal, they will be awarded the fund. However, funding will not be disbursed until the workshop attendance is complete and an acceptable final proposal is submitted.

Expectations of fund-holders:
Attend two proposal development workshops, where you will put together your research plan with consultation and feedback from CTL staff and peers.

Submit a proposal, complete any suggested revisions, and submit a final proposal.

Apply for approval from the Humber Research Ethics Board (REB) for research involving human participants, where applicable.

Attend two check-in lunches between January and May 2017.

Submit a final report – either a presentation at Showcase or a brief written report.

Eligible expenses:
-software license

-innovative teaching device or equipment

-research assistant

-research participant incentives

-research instrument (e.g., survey)

Ineligible expenses:
-course release time

-commercial services

-computer hardware (unless specifically and uniquely required for the research)

-journal subscription

-professional membership


-faculty remuneration


Applications (including a research idea and approval from your Dean) are due Friday, September 30, 2016. Applications may be emailed to CTLResearch@humber.ca

Attend 2 workshops between October and November, 2016 to develop a research plan and budget

Submit final proposal by the end of December, 2016; Final approval of updated research plan must be given by your Dean

Apply for REB approval, where applicable

Conduct research (collect and analyze data) between January – May, 2017

Submit final product (plan for presentation at Showcase and/or written report) by the end of June, 2017.

If you have questions, please contact Heidi Marsh: Heidi.Marsh@humber.ca