64 Squares

This activity can be used to illustrate navigation of uncharted territory, grief, a new job, new role, new program, any type of change that is unfamiliar. It is a great way to examine the journey from the individual’s experience as well as from others who may be in a supportive role.

4 Corners

This activity is great for utilization with a group of students in one classroom to explore concepts, ideas, or content. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with additional group work. It is useful with trying to work collaboratively on content or concepts. This activity gets students up and out of their seats.

The 3-B Framework! (Belong, Believe, Behave)

This activity is reflective and discussion based. It is a conceptual shift activity.

Amazing APA Race

Send your students around the world with this fun & unique checkpoint-based citation game! Your students will complete 6 separate challenges, improving their ability to correctly cite multiple resources and identify errors based on the APA citation system. Created by Humber's own Aliya Dalfen & Amy Weir.

Alligator River

This activity is focused on participant discussion, prioritizing, and consensus. During this activity, groups of participants must work collaboratively and make concessions in order to reach success.

Billboard Assembly

This activity can be used for many classroom applications, including teamwork, problem solving, etc…. A great activity for students who love puzzles!

Bomb & Shield

This game will get everyone’s blood pumping! A quick and easy way to break up class time if students have been sitting for a while.

Broken Prototype

A great activity to induce 100% student participation and demonstrate the importance of two way communication.

Broken Squares

This activity is a great way to break the ice with a new group of people, or to focus on group work, working as a team, communication, helping others, problem solving, critical thinking, etc.

Building Towers

This is an activity where students build towers out of drinking straws. It is a good way to help students get to know each other and learn group cooperation.

Create a Rope

This activity requires teams of participants to use items of clothing to create a rope.

Dr. Tangle

This is a great illustration for problem solving, working as a team, trust, critical thinking, or helping individuals find their ‘voice’.

Fill It Up!

This activity is all about perceptions, and filling a container full of content.

Ever Shrinking Blanket

This is a great game to play to precede discussion about working with groups.

Finger Shoot

A quick and easy, ‘prop free’ way to check for understanding for both teachers and students.

Be Like Geese!

There is a lot to be learned from lessons found in nature. Scientists have discovered that there are good reasons for the flying habits of geese.

Guided Analysis

This involves viewing and analyzing passages of text, paintings, sonatas, graphs, charts, artifacts, etc. together with your students.

Hula Hoop Groups

A great activity to help teams bond, or set the stage for a conversation about cooperation, trust, the power of a group, needing each other, etc.

I've Got Fire!

This activity is a great way for people to present skills and abilities that they are good at.

Tower Building

To help groups open communication channels and build team spirit.


This is a great way to encourage participants to work together, and share their learning with others.

Lost at Sea

A great activity to do with newly formed groups to ‘break the ice’, or to use with groups having functional problems to help identify assumed roles.

Lost on the Moon

The goal of the game is to collaborate in creation of the perfect response to the scenario given and score higher than other teams.

Map Quest

This is quick, easy and a great activity to get everyone ‘on the same page’.

My Lovely Lemon!

This activity is great to use when you are discussing how people are unique, and how we all have differences and unique characteristics.

Name "Yes"!

It is not a competition, but rather a team challenge where everyone must work together.

Penny Toss

A great activity to get everyone up and moving around the classroom and for 4 individuals to role play.

People Bingo

It is designed to help facilitate groups of people getting to know each other and to interact.

Place Mat

This process is especially good for students who do not necessarily enjoy speaking in front of the class but like to share their ideas with their peers.

Pro and Con Grid

This technique helps students develop analytical and evaluative skills, and encourages them to go beyond initial reactions to complex issues.

Problem Solving

Allows students to use their imagination and connect content to a plausible real situation.

River Crossing

A great activity to help teams bond, or to set the stage for discussing teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving.

Smartie, M & M or Jelly Bean Debrief

A fun way to review content or get people to discuss concepts and perceptions.

Space Ship

This activity is focused on participant discussion, prioritizing, and consensus.

Spider Game

A quick and easy way to facilitate team building in small groups of 4 people.

Straw Tower Building

This is a great activity to help teams bond, or to illustrate team process.

Stop, Start, Continue

This activity can be used for many different reasons, but is most often used to gain student feedback.

Suggestion Box

Students can use this method to provide you with anonymous suggestions regarding your teaching or the course in general.

Tent Pole

A great activity to help teams bond, or set the stage for a conversation about cooperation.

The Village

The goal of this game is to have all participants experience another person’s culture. It encourages a tremendous amount of innovation!


Intimate, safe method of sharing information. This process allows students that are shy or nervous about expressing their own opinions to do so in a semi private venue of a pair.

Tip the Fruit Basket

This activity is very lively, requires participants to pay close attention and physically move quickly.

Ungraded Quiz

An ungraded quiz encourages students to pay attention during lectures by presenting them with a short-term, non-threatening learning objective.

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