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Create a Rope

Create a Rope

Props/Prep: No
Time: 15-25 min
Audience: Any (teams)
Physical: Yes

Activity: This activity requires teams of participants to use items of clothing to create a rope. It may not be appropriate for all student groups. You may want to use student volunteers to create 2 teams and let the rest of the students observe. This game works better in winter months than in summer months as people tend to wear layers and have mittens, scarves, hats, etc… in their possession.

Time Requirements: 15-25 minutes

Materials needed: No props necessary!

Procedure: Divide participants into 2 teams. When you say ‘go’, instruct each team that they must create a rope (which they can lift off of the ground when complete) out of items of clothing they have on or are in their possession. They can use hoodies, belts, shirts, socks, shoes, shoelaces, mitts, hats, scarves, etc…. IMPORTANT: Instruct participants that they must remain modest during the entire game! When you call time; have 2 members of each team, hold the ends of their ‘ropes’ and pick them up off the ground. Stretch the ropes out to see whose is the longest. The longest rope wins. 

Function in Class: This is a great way to start a class with a focus on critical thinking, problem solving, creating something from ‘nothing’, or ‘thinking outside of the box’. It can be used at the end of a class for the same purposes. Watch participants to see how collaborative or creative they become as they play. 

Source: Sharon Aka (SHS)