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Hula Hoop Groups

Hula Hoop Group

Props/Prep: Yes
Time: 5 min
Audience: Any (teams)
Physical: yes, very

This activity can be used for many different reasons. The most obvious is to illustrate through participation, the value of cooperation and teamwork. You can set this up with one group as performing in front of the rest of the class, or you can make multiple hoop groups in the room, and have the teams compete to see who finished first. You need a hula hoop! A great activity to help teams bond, or set the stage for a conversation about cooperation, trust, the power of a group, needing each other, etc. 

Time Requirements: One ‘round’ of the game only takes about 2 minutes.

Materials needed: You will need to buy a hula hoop or several hula hoops depending on which game option you choose. 

Option 1: You will need 7-10 people to come up and stand around (but outside) the hula hoop. Tell them that when you say ‘go’, they are all supposed to get inside the hula hoop WITHOUT any part of their bodies touching anything outside of the hoop including the floor. Then say ‘go’. You can encourage them or correct them if need be. They will not be able to maintain their success for long, so perhaps you can set a time limit of 3 seconds to stay in the hoop.

Once they have been successful, have the rest of the class clap for them. Keep them up front. Ask them what they had to do to successfully complete this task. Once they have discussed the many aspects required to successfully complete the task, ask the audience what they observed the hoop group doing to be successful. Once these observations have been made, thank the demo group and let them sit down. Now you can apply this to your specific profession by asking the participants how these skills can be utilized in the profession for which they are studying.

Option 2: You will need a hula hoop to accommodate every student in the class. A class of 40 = 4 hoops. Buy different colour hoops, place one hoop in each corner of the room. When students arrive, put a colour sticker on each student’s hand (1 of the 4 colour of each of your hoops). When you are ready to do the activity, have the students find the hoop that matches the sticker on their hand. Then proceed with the activity as above.        

Function in Class: This activity is great to demonstrate cooperation, trust, compromise, and creativity. It is quite intimate, so should be done with students that have had a few classes to get to know each other. It is a great activity for you as the teacher to observe your students in group behaviour and to demonstrate real life group functioning concepts.