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I've Got Fire!

I’ve Got Fire!

Props/Prep: Yes
Time: 7-10min
Audience: Any
Physical: yes, burning a match

Activity: You will need an ash tray and a box of wooden matches. This activity can be used in several ways in the classroom or for training sessions. It’s a great way for people to present skills and abilities that they are good at. It can be very empowering. A great activity using burning matches. This activity is actually more powerful if done in a dimly lit room, both for the comfort of the people holding the matches and speaking, and for the visual affect of the matches burning.   

Time Requirements: 7-10 minutes

Materials needed: wooden matches, and an ash tray


Select or get 8-10 participants to come up front. Give each participant one wooden match. Now tell everyone holding a match to think of several things they are good at i.e. good listener, good friend, good cook, skis well, can sew, etc. Give them about a minute to think about this. You can ask the audience to think about those up front and what they are good at too. Once they have had time to think, go to the first person in line. Say, “I’m going to light your match. You must hold it vertical to the ground so that the flame burns straight up. Once the match is lit, you must start telling the rest of us all the things that you are good at. You must keep talking until the match burns close to your fingers and you need to blow it out”. Light each person’s match one by one, and let each of them speak, until you have gone through everyone in line. 

Alternative version:  Do the activity as above, but in addition, ask all audience members to look at the people up front and think of all the things that those people are good at. Once the match burning begins, if the person holding the match can’ think of anything, then audience members can shout out their nice comments. 

You will need to make sure that your group trusts each other, and that everyone understands that this is an affirmation event. 

Function in the Class: A great way to conclude a class time or presentation. This activity can be very powerful in affirming all the positive attributes most people have. Participants should do so voluntarily, as some people are overwhelmed if asked to talk about themselves up front.