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My Lovely Lemon!

My Lovely Lemon!

Props/Prep: Yes
Time: 25 min
Audience: Any
Physical: No

Activity: This activity is great to use when you are discussing how people are unique and how we all have differences and unique characteristics. It is a great activity to use with students in programs related to the customer service industry or health care. It can also be used when discussing racism or discrimination, or altered perceptions. This is a very tactile and reflective activity, and will appeal to students who like quiet activities, with low levels of interaction. It is also a nice smelling activity using fresh lemons!

Time Requirements: 25 minutes

Materials needed: lemons for every participant, a large bowl

Procedure: Either have each student bring a lemon to class, or provide lemons for each student. You can purchase lemons by the bag. Have students sit in a circle. Give each student one lemon. Instruct your students to get acquainted with their lemon, see what it looks like; it’s distinguishing features, what it smells like, how it feels. Give them about 2 minutes to get to know their lemons.

Then have your students close their eyes, and continue to get to know their lemons.  Have them feel the lemons until they think they could recognize it easily.

Now, have your students place their lemon in a large bowl with all the other students' lemons. Mix the lemons up. Pass the bowl around the circle of students, and have them find their lemon and take it out of the bowl. 

Once all the students have their lemon back, ask them to quickly share with a partner (someone next to them) how they were able to identify their lemon. 

After you let them chat for a few minutes. Ask them how this can be related to customer service, or healthcare delivery. How it applies to their specific industry. You may find some students are very attached to their lemons at the end of the activity. For fun you can ask student to hand their lemons in so you can make lemonade; most will not give up their lemons. 

Function in Class: A great way to discuss customer service or healthcare delivery, ensuring that each person is treated as an individual. By changing your debriefing questions, this is also a great way to discuss race and discrimination. 

Source: Sharon Aka (SHS)