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Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

Props/Prep: Yes
Time: No class time
Audience: Any
Physical: No

This tool could involve bringing a suggestion box to your classroom every class or hanging an envelope on your office door. Students can use this method to provide you with anonymous suggestions regarding your teaching or the course in general. Anonymous.

Time requirements: No class time utilized

Materials needed: Suggestion box


  • Be sure to tell students about what types of suggestions you would like: the more open you are, the more focussed the suggestions will be.
  • Scan the suggestions regularly to put them into context, summarize them for the class, and indicate which ones you will act on and why.
  • Keep in mind that students who write their suggestions by hand may not be totally honest since you may recognize their writing. Encourage students to submit printed suggestions if they are concerned.
  • Debrief valuable suggestions at the beginning of class. Make sure that you inform students of changes you have made specific to suggestion box comments. 

Function in the class: Will increase ownership to what happens in the classroom when students feel like what they think counts. Student have a venue to express themselves and state their issues, suggestions, or concerns.