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Props/Prep: No
Time: 15-45 min
Audience: Any
Physical: No

Quescussion, as the name indicates, is a type of discussion that is conducted entirely in the form of questions (think Alex Trebek). The professor asks a question or makes a statement to the class (this question should be projected on the screen). There are some basic rules to follow when responding to this prompt.

Students and teachers must multi-task during this game. It is very engaging, requiring the participant to stay in tune with the rules of the game in addition to answering content questions. 

Time requirements: 15 - 45 minutes

Materials needed: None


  • Discussion has to be in question form (No statements!) .
  • A person may speak only every 7th time. (You determine the number based on the size of the group.)
  • No fake questions (i.e., a statement disguised as a question. For example, "Small classes are better than large ones, aren't they?").
  • No put down’s, an attack on someone else (i.e., "You would have to be crazy to think that, wouldn't you?" - this is also a disguised statement).
  • If someone makes a statement, the rest of the class is to shout “Statement” .
  • The exercise is self-policing.

Function in the class: By following these rules, the quescussion can be an effective way to generate discussion and learning and to determine what are the levels of understanding on a specific topic. It can also be used to help determine topics to cover in subsequent lectures. By framing the discussion into questions, students feel less intimidated to speak in front of a large class. The rule of speaking every 7th time generates a variety of voices and allows for reflection while waiting for a turn to speak.