Collaborative Learning – Collaborative Learning refers to an instruction method in which learners at various performance levels work together to achieve a common goal.  Proponents of collaborative learning claim that the active exchange of ideas within small groups increases interest and promotes critical thinking.

Discover the requirements needed for successful collaborative learning to take place.

Getting to Know Your Group

An exercise for getting to know your group of students.

Group Learning Contract

A group learning contract for students committing to participating effectively in group learning activities.

Group Work Charter

A team charter exercise to encourage students to share expectations and encourage groups to develop norms.

Group Work Report

A team meeting report summarizing the meeting.

Team Review Exercise

A team review exercise to help students discuss the inner workings of their group with their follow group members and to develop improvement stategies.

Getting Into Groups

Here are some fast, easy ways to organize a group of students for the process of group work within a specific time frame within a class.

Roles and Responsibilities for Group Games

Different generic roles and responsibilities for group games.

Roles and Responsibilities for Group Members

Generic roles and responsibilities for group members.