The "flipped classroom," one of the most effective pedagogical techniques, may change everything you believe about what activities belong in the classroom and what should be completed independently.

Flipped Classroom

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How to "Flip Your Classroom"

Andrew Ainsworth demonstrates how to "Flip Your Classroom". Join Andrew to learn flipping techniques.

Flipping - The Upside Down Classroom

Watch a You Tube video about Salmon Khan, founder of Khan Academy, a non-profit online organization that provides free world class education to anyone, anywhere.

TED ED - Lessons Worth Sharing

TED believes that ideas have the power to change attitudes, lives and eventually the world. Visit the TED ED site to find carefully curated educational videos that allow viewers to create customized lessons for their own classrooms.

More on Classroom Flipping in Colleges

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7 Things You Should Know About: Flipped Classrooms

Interesting facts about Flipped Classrooms from Educause Learning Initiative.

Thoughts on the culture of an inverted classroom

Robert Talbert documents his experiences with flipping his Math Lab course.

Flipping Out? What you need to know about the Flipped Classroom

Andrea Zellner, PhD candidate at Michigan State University compiles some interesting results on classroom flipping.

How to "Flip Your Classroom" Part 2

Andrew Ainsworth demonstrates how to "Flip Your Classroom" Part 2. Andy discovers better screen recording software for your lessons.