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Before submitting your request, please ensure that you meet the qualifications for using our Studio Services, and agree to the guidelines. Please read the Studio and Filming Services Guidelines.

For video requests and projects that are related to advertising, promotional materials, media opportunities, or the humber website, please contact Humber Marketing & Communications: http://www.humber.ca/brand/contact-us

First time here?  Starting a New Project? Use this form.

Looking to create a series of educational videos?  Perhaps you'd like to create a quick course welcome video?  Submitting your project idea is the first step you'll need to complete to get started with using the Media Production Studio, or working with the Production Team.

Please note that it may take anywhere from one to three business days to receive a reply.

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Book Time in the Media Studio:
Have you already used the space before?  Perhaps you just need to do a quick voice recording, or continue on with an existing project.
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Additional Information

Working with the Video Production Team (On-Site Service):
Videos can be filmed on-site during most times of the year.  The team’s availability will also depend on a few factors (time of year, amount of requests, complexity of the project).
- On-site filming services are offered to Faculty members for educational purposes to promote teaching and learning initiatives for teachers, current and prospective students. Videos should focus on driving student learning and encourage the progression of teaching developments and techniques.
- Depending on the type & complexity of the video you’re looking for, the planning process between both parties will usually take longer than 2 weeks