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Multimedia Studio Request | Request a Consultation

This form can be used to kick-start the production process, and request a consultation to discuss your project. Don't worry if you don't know all of the information just yet! We're happy to meet with you at any step of the way.

Let us know the name of your video project. If multiple videos may be involved, think of a name that best describes the series.

Let us know what the objective of this project is, or perhaps, why you would like to create a video?

Please select any tools or video styles that you think your video(s) might involve.

Are there any known learning outcomes? Please include them here.

How many videos are you looking to create in this project?

Is the intention to go into a course? Please enter the course name that this video will be designed for.

If this video will be designed for a course, please enter the relevant course code.

Let us know your general availability, and if you might be unavailable after a certain date.


We'd love to hear!

* marked questions are mandatory