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Take advantage of these resources to help you produce fantastic Instructional Videos at our Multimedia Productions Studio. They will help you design a good instructional/educational video that you can use in the classroom, or post online when doing a flipped classroom, or to supplement content taught in class.

Producing a good instructional video means communicating your material in a compelling, engaging, and organized fashion that will motivate your audience. A good video will be one that is goal oriented, focused and satisfies a specific objective

The objective of your video should be clearly stated at the beginning of the video, and all content should be relevant and support the goal of your instructional video. The material presented in the video should build on a student’s preexisting knowledge, and should inspire confidence and intellectual curiosity.

AODA Compliance Requirements:
In order to comply with AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) standards, all videos that are published must be accompanied with a written transcript, which will be later be converted to Closed Captioning.
- Click here for guidelines on adding Closed Captions to your videos.

- Click here for a worksheet we've created to help you transcribe your content.

Below are some checklists to help guide your process in making creative, engaging video content.

Instructional Videos

 Making Instructional Videos

 Video Development

 Video Pre-Production

 Video Production

 Video Post-Production/Editing

Evaluating Your Instructional Video                      

Using Instructional Videos In the Classroom

 Posting your Video(s) Online