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Post-Production/Editing your Instructional Videos

Post-productions and editing times may vary depending on the size and format of your videos.  The date of completion for videos will be specified on an individual project basis.

Alternatively, The Centre for Teaching & Learning offers studio space where you can come in and edit your recordings at your own discretion. Staff will be on-hand to help guide you through the video-editing process.

Run through this checklist when composing your work to help guide your post-editing process.

Download and print the .pdf file here to use your checklist





1.) Eliminate extraneous detail in order to make the object of instruction appear simpler and maintain focus.


2.) When appropriate, is text used to clarify abstract segments in the video?


3.) Where appropriate, are annotations, arrows, highlights used to focus on important information in the video?


4.) Is the picture and audio quality of the video of high quality (is it clear, undistorted)?