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Posting Instructional Videos Online

Posting your video online is a great way to reach a broad audience, and allows learners to replay or reference the material in a convenient way, allowing increased mobile learning and accessibility.

Whether you are posting your video onto Blackboard, HumberCTL’s or HumberEDU’s YouTube channel or other video sharing websites, it’s important to ensure that your videos are well organized, easy to follow and accessible to everyone.

Download and print the .pdf file here to use your checklist




1.) Create a short, eye-catching and relevant title for your video.


2.) Compose a succinct description or abstract for your video describing its content and goal(s).


3.) Create “index” slides for easy navigation through video, such as title slides to mark a new section or transition.
This makes it easier for the learner to browse forward to relevant sections of the video or locate specific segments in the video to review or reference.


4.) Accessibility standards for posting videos online:

a.) Include closed captioning/transcription for video(s).


b.) Post “tag words” (searchable keywords) for your video so that your audience can locate your video. Include commonly misspelled terms.