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Pre-Production Checklist: 

Review your instructional plan and ensure that it free flowing and fluid before moving on to the filming stage.
Videos should be inclusive and capture the audience’s attention.

Download and print the .pdf file here to use your checklist



1.) Learners should not be presented with more than 7 new items of information before being asked to do a task based on new knowledge.


2.) Ensure that each video on a particular topic does not exceed the 5-minute time span. (When planning in-class activities, ensure that each exercise, method, media, task, etc. does not exceed the 20 minute time span).


3.) Reduce the amount of extraneous visual information (such as long paragraphs or irrelevant images) so that the viewer can focus on the pertinent information that matters.


4.) Check that the flow of information is presented in a logical manner so that learners can easily follow along and make connections with concepts.


5.) The video should contain no biases. The information, along with the method of presentation should be free from stereotyping and exclusion.


6.) Ensure that your video includes AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities) compliance: Add a voiceover to elucidate content when showing visual media and include a close captioning to your video.