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Video Production Checklist

During the video production stage, keep these points in mind so that the video flow is appropriate and easy to follow for your audience. 

Download and print the .pdf file here to use your checklist




1.) Is the pacing/timing of the steps or instructions appropriate for the audience?


2.) When actions are demonstrated, are they verbally announced a short moment prior to ensure ease of following instructions?


3.) Is the narration spoken with confidence, enthusiasm, enunciation and obvious practice so as to inspire trust, motivation and credibility?


4.) To make it easier for your learners to follow the video, try this strategy:

a.) Tell: Describe what the goals are to be achieved in this video: “We will explore how to make a good instructional video, and how you can apply it to your teaching needs…”


b.) Show: Show the learner how to do the task: “To begin, we’ll start by creating a list of what you’ll need to make the video…”


c.) Do: Have learners practice and perform a task that has been demonstrated in the video.


d.) Review: Formal Assessment - Review the more difficult material, bringing the content together to describe how it will fit into the bigger picture, and how they can apply their newly acquired knowledge.