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Why Make Instructional Videos?

The benefit of adding educational videos as a facet of your teaching instruction is that it will allow learners to revisit information as frequently as they require, providing a reference for students to look back on, as a foundation of knowledge which they can build upon.

Using instructional videos allows you to free up more class time so that you can focus on active learning techniques. Taking advantage of the time in the classroom allows you to incorporate important learning mechanisms that encourage creativity, problem solving, and engaged learning in order to synthesize and expand newly acquired knowledge.

An advantage of showing instructional videos is that it increases the rate of retention and the pace of learning among students. Particularly, when coupled with an overall comprehensive learning strategy, it helps to promote active and thoughtful engagement with the material.1

Videos give students a unique educational perspective that might otherwise be impossible due to the limitations of the classroom structure. They can be used to demonstrate time-lapsed experiments, show specific manual processes or even illustrate pivotal moments in history. 

Making instructional videos can help model positive behavior and shine some light on otherwise dim course material. When coupled with active learning strategies, this can provide a multimodal learning experience for students.


[1] Adapted from: Denning, D. Video in Theory and Practice: Issues for Classroom Use and Teacher Video Evaluation. https://www.ebiomedia.com/downloads/VidPM.pdf