Our 2021 BYOB Video Pitch Competition has now started. Please see below for more information. 

Contest Description:

The Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) wants you to create a 2 minute video showcasing a new business idea or current business. Pitching and selling are essential skills for Entrepreneurs, especially when launching a new business. A successful pitch can garner significant amounts of support and potential investors. This pitch is your time to shine; contestants should ensure that the video is creative, informative, and compelling to all viewers. Make it fun, and be clear of what your product/business idea is.

How to Enter:

  1. Create a 2-minute (or less) pitch video showcasing your business idea in a creative and informative manner.
    • Assume you are pitching your idea to potential investors.
    • The video must be a maximum of 2 minutes, including any introductions or use of logos/images. If the video is longer than 2 minutes, the entrant will be disqualified.
  2. Submit your video through email as an MP4 attachment and send the video link to cfe@humber.ca with the subject line, “VideoPitch” with your first and last name in capitals. For example, “VideoPitch_FIRSTLAST”.

 Please include in the email:

  • Name
  • Student Number
  • Program
  • Faculty (i.e. Faculty of Business, Faculty of Media Arts, etc…)
  • Phone number
    • The deadline for submissions is Wednesday March 3rd, 2021 at 12:00pm (noon). Late entries will not be considered.
    • Participants are highly encouraged to submit their entries 24 hours prior to the deadline. This allows the CfE to confirm if we are able to view the submitted video. Any submission not provided 24 hours before the deadline will be evaluated as is, whether it is working or not.

3. A BYOB Video Pitch Event night will be occurring on March 25th, 2021 from 5:00pm-6:00pm virtually. All participants must attend. 

  • This event night provides participants with the opportunity to network, collaborate and connect with one another.
  • On this night, winners will be revealed and their videos will be showcased to all attendants. Attendees at the event will vote on audience choice winners and prizes will be awarded.

Rules and Restrictions:

  1. To enter the contest, the applicant must be a current Humber Student and member of the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE). If you are not a current member, sign up here: http://humber.ca/cfe/membership
  2. Only one video submission per applicant is permitted. If the applicant submits more than one submission, the submission will not be considered.
  3. Submissions are final. After the video is submitted to cfe@humber.ca, applicants may not redo or resend their video.
  4. The video must portray your business idea in a creative and clear manner.
  5. The submitted video can be no longer than 2 minutes.
  6. Do not refer to the contest within your video.
  7. Content must be appropriate. Videos must not be unlawful, harmful, or degrading.
  8. Video entries must be created by the person who has uploaded and submitted them. Any videos in violation will be removed from the contest. Copyright rules in effect.
  9. Winner(s) will be announced and prizes will be rewarded at the Video Pitch Event night.
  10. You must be in attendance at the Video Pitch Event Night in order to be chosen as a winner.
  11. Contest rules and dates may be subject to change

Publicity & Social Media Advertising:

  1. By participating, each participant grants Humber permission to use any content submitted for publicity purposes without payment or additional considerations, except where prohibited by law.
  2. If the Humber CfE finds that any of the rules & restrictions have been violated, then we reserve the right to remove the participant from the contest.

*International students can participate, however they will need to attend the virtual event on March 25th inorder to win. If they win their prize will need to be sent to a local address or they will recieve their prize when they return to campus. 

Questions & Concerns:

If participants have any additional questions or concerns, please email cfe@humber.ca.


BYOB Video Pitch Winners of 2020

Congratulations to Clare, Sean and Andrew for winning the Video Pitch Competition!

1st Place - Clare Palmer – Specadirt Vintage

Specadirt Vintage sells a variety of vintage streetwear for innovators and game changers of fashion – ditching fast fashion for a sustainable wardrobe. Through Specadirt, you could sustain your style and the planet. By giving vintage and secondhand clothing a chance, energy and materials could be saved. Specadirt Vintage also ensures that the clothing collection includes a range of sizes for all bodies.

2nd Place - Sean Foreman- XVI Digital

XVI Digital is a digital media company specializing in enhancing learning experiences through video, virtual reality, and augmented reality. These tools help to enhance student success within the education sphere in the virtual world we live in today. The goal of XVI Digital is to create content that makes “learning come to life”.

3rd Place - Andrew Lopez- Your Future Fitness

Your Future Fitness provides in-home personal training, online and distance training, and health and fitness consulting services. Individuals have a choice between the three in order to ensure that people everywhere who live different life styles can participate. This company works and has worked with numerous diverse individuals to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.