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Association & Partnership Programs

Manager Pat Tait 416.675.6622 ext 4688
Program Liaison Lisa Tubia 416.675.6622 ext 4885
Program Liaison Keshia Ellis 416.675.6622 ext 5847

Corporate Services

Technical Systems Solutions Consultant Seon-Mi Im 416.675.6622 ext 4043

Credential Testing

Project Coordinator Christine Raposo 416.675.6622 ext 4691
Project Coordinator Diana Zoriy 416.675.6622 ext 5963  

Real Estate Education Program

Program Manager Polly Panoulias 416.675.6622 ext 4157
Business Project Manager Paula MacDougall 416.675.6622 ext 5185
Technical Lead Margaret Walczyk 416.675.6622 ext 5532
Sr. Business Process Analyst Jason Prine 416.675.6622 ext 5566
Business Analyst Gregory Chin 416.675.6622 ext 5311
Business Analyst Robin Lazo 416.675.6622 ext 5889
Senior Applications Developer Michael Zhang 416.675.6622
Applications Developer Sean Greaves 416.675.6622 ext 5186

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