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This Associate Level program is offered in partnership with the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO). It is designed to provide a foundation for those planning a career as a Law Clerk, or to enhance the knowledge and skill of Law Clerks and Legal Secretaries already in the profession. Each course prepares you to write The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario's Provincial Examination.  (Note the exam is separate, and not part of the courses listed below).

Admission Requirements:  There are no prerequisites to this program.  Register and pay for courses individually.

Recommended for this program:

  • Two years of related work experience (currently employed as a law clerk or legal secretary)
  • A good command of written English

Four Prepatory Courses:

LAWC 201 Corporate

This course examines the various types of business ownerships. It places particular emphasis on the following topics: the corporate and administrative procedures involved in preparing and filing articles of incorporation; organizing a corporation by way of a minute book; preparing and filing relevant incorporation-related documents that relate to the composition of a corporation i.e., articles of amendment, annual returns, extra-provincial filings, and dissolutions; financing issues and relevant searches; and share purchase agreements. This course is especially appropriate for those currently employed as law clerks or experienced legal secretaries.

LAWC 202 Estates

This course deals with the preparation of wills, powers of attorney and the administration of estates. This includes the collection, realization and management of the assets of the deceased and after-settlement of the debts of the estate, the payment of legacies and the distribution of the residue to the beneficiaries. Students will learn about the documents to be filed to obtain the required court grant of letters testamentary, preparation of estate accounts, administration of ongoing trusts and the preparation of income tax returns, and estate related litigation. This course is especially appropriate for those currently employed as law clerks or experienced legal secretaries.

LAWC 203 Litigation

This course introduces you to the civil court system and to common law and statute law. The course includes elements of contract law and to various types of tort (negligence; trespass; assault and battery). The focus is on the law clerk role in the three stages of action: pleading (which students learn to draft), discovery (including E-Discovery), preparation for trial, and the conduct of a trial. The course concludes with the appeal process and enforcement of judgments. You will gain a strong understanding of the litigation process from the commencement of an action to judgment.

LAWC 204 Real Estate

This course provides you with a broad foundation of legal concepts and applications relevant to the legal practice area of residential real estate. All aspects of the basic residential real estate transaction are covered including land division in Ontario, the many faceted land registration system, surveys, title insurance, ownership, the agreement of purchase and sale, the numerous applicable statutes, purchasing, selling, financing, and closing the transaction.

Note:  These courses are nongraded.

The certificate is issued by the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario upon completion of the four provincial exams. Exams are available to all students province wide. Students wishing to write a provincial exam must complete and submit the exam registration form along with applicable fees to ILCO prior to the registration deadline. Exam information is found here:

Contact:   or    call 416-675-6622 ext. 4139 or 4159


Fall 2018 Course Schedule

Fall 2018 Registration

Course Code Course Name Course Fee Day Course Date Delivery Method Register 
LAWC 203 Litigation: Law Clerks $940 Tue 11-Sep-2018  to 5-Mar-2019 Online
LAWC 204 Real Estate: Law Clerks $747 Tue 11-Sep-2018 to 22-Jan-2019 Online


Winter 2019 Course Schedule

Course Code Course Name Course Fee Day Course Date Delivery Method Register 
LAWC 201 Corporate: Law Clerks $591 TBD TBD Online
LAWC 202* Estates : Law Clerks $654 TBD TBD Online

Note: Schedule subject to change based on demand.


For the textbook list please visit the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO) website at and select LEARN then Associate Program.

Online Learning:

Online courses are accessible via web browser from anywhere in the world and are well-suited to those who need a more flexible study schedule. For information on system requirements for online courses and other information regarding online learning at Humber, visit the Open Learning website at or call 416.675.5049.    (These online courses are offered through OntarioLearn, a partnership of 24 Ontario community colleges that have pooled their resources to increase your online learning options.   Visit