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Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Certificate of Completion | TECH_WRTG_CC

Who writes all those technical manuals, instructions, user guides, and websites? Technical writers are the professional people responsible for creating and maintaining all documents for corporations and organizations. If you are looking for a new career, want to develop your writing skills, or are just interested in learning how to produce quality technical documents, consider the Humber College Technical Writing Certificate program.

Each Humber Technical Writing course is taught by a senior-level technical writer who knows what is expected in the field. Throughout the program you are guided from a basic to expert writing level. Documentation and material produced by technical writers include: technical articles, document copywriting, administrative guides, presentations, internet support sites and website content, policy procedures, manuals, training material, user guides, and more.

The Technical Writing Certificate program is offered entirely online through Humber's Learning Management system, Blackboard 9.1. The Humber Blackboard course link is The Blackboard Learn 9.1 - Student Help is found at Blackboard Learn 9.1.

Admission Requirements:  There are no prerequisites to this program.  Register and pay for courses individually.

Certificate Criteria:  4 compulsory courses, 2 electives

TWRT 201 Technical Writing: Introduction

This course provides the fundamental tools required to be a technical writer. You develop and use the various tools that a technical writer uses on the job, such as an audience analysis and a task matrix. Learn effective interview techniques that assist you in information gathering, and also how to write well-constructed procedures that conform to industry standards.

TWRT 202 Print & Online Design

Various types of documents such as training material, user manuals, and online help will be reviewed throughout the course to provide you with essential design and writing knowledge. The course teaches the critical differences between print and online documents, and how to select a proper medium and structure that will meet your user's needs.

TWRT 203 Quality & Production

Quality can make the difference between a usable document, and one your users struggle to read. Transform your documents into high-quality, professional documents by paying attention to quality issues such as standards, style guides and usability.

TWRT 204 Principles of Project Management

Meeting project deadlines and budgets are key skills for technical writers. Learn effective project management skills that help you deliver successful projects, whether you are working on a team or on your own.

Electives (select any 2):

TWRT 205 Promoting Your Technical Writing Services

Get to know how to promote yourself as a technical writer. Whether you are looking for your first technical writing job or your next project, become proficient in developing your promotional materials. The course will include portfolios, brochures, websites, social networking, and the basics of selling and promoting. You will also learn the skills related to customer service and contract work, and have an opportunity to explore the issues associated with running a small consulting business in Ontario.

TWRT 206 Technical Editing

Students are introduced to methodologies of the different types of editing (substantive editing and copyediting). Learn how editors work with difficult writers and subject matter experts, and be an integral component of the quality of a documentation project.

TWRT 207 HTML: Introduction

This course will introduce you to the basics of creating a web page. Students will begin by using a simple text editor to enter code, then graduate to using a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor. Text formatting, graphics, links, lists, tables and frames will be covered.

TWRT 209 Creating Video Demonstrations

More and more user material is produced as video. This course will show you how to work with video and create product demonstrations. Learn to make screen recordings, and narration, build exercises, test retention, publish the demonstration and get user feedback using industry standard software.


TWRT 201 is a pre-requisite for all the courses and must be taken first.
It may be taken concurrently with another course if you plan to take more than one course at a time.


Refer to Learning Resources section under Course Outline for textbook information.

Course Expectations:

To meet assignment and quiz deadlines, each course in the online program has a Critical Path agenda. You work at your own pace during the week and may be required to participate in a weekly one hour, live chat session on the specified date (held in the evening). This information is posted on the first day of class. In addition to the online discussions, emails, and readings, you must be prepared to spend six to nine hours per week on homework, assignments, and learning materials.

Humber Certificate:

Once you have successfully completed all the required courses in this program, contact us at to request your Humber certificate. Please include your first and last name, student number, program title and current mailing address in your email.   or    call 416-675-6622 ext. 4139 or 4159

Fall 2018 Course Schedule

Fall 2018 Registration

Course Code Course Name Course Fee Day Course Date Delivery Method Register
TWRT 201 Technical Writing: Introduction $446 Tue 18-Sep to 13-Nov Online
TWRT 202 Print & Online Design $422   Winter 2019 Online  
TWRT 203 Quality & Production $422   Winter 2019 Online  
TWRT 204 Principles of Project Mgmt for Tech Writers $422   Winter 2019 Online
TWRT 206 Technical Editing $446 Thu 27-Sep to 22-Nov Online
TWRT 207 HTML:  Introduction $446 Wed 26-Sep to 21-Nov Online

Note: Schedule subject to change based on demand.


Online Learning:

Online courses are accessible via web browser from anywhere in the world and are well-suited to those who need a more flexible study schedule. For information on system requirements for online courses and other information regarding online learning at Humber, visit the Open Learning website at or call 416.675.5049.