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Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Who writes all those technical manuals, instructions, user guides, and websites? Technical writers are the professional people responsible for creating and maintaining all documents for corporations and organizations. If you are looking for a new career, want to develop your writing skills, or are just interested in learning how to produce quality technical documents, consider the Humber College Technical Writing Certificate program.

Each Humber Technical Writing course is taught by a senior-level technical writer who knows what is expected in the field. Throughout the program you are guided from a basic to expert writing level. Documentation and material produced by technical writers include: technical articles, document copywriting, administrative guides, presentations, internet support sites and website content, policy procedures, manuals, training material, user guides, and more.

Course expectations
To meet assignment and quiz deadlines, each course in the online program has a Critical Path agenda. You work at your own pace during the week and may be required to participate in a weekly one hour, live chat session on the specified date (held in the evening). This information is posted on the first day of class. In addition to the online discussions, emails, and readings, you must be prepared to spend six to nine hours per week on homework, assignments, and learning materials.

The Technical Writing Certificate program is offered entirely online through Humber’s Learning Management system, Blackboard 9.1. The Humber Blackboard course link is The Blackboard Learn 9.1 - Student Help is found at- Blackboard Learn 9.1.

Refer to "Learning Resources" section under Course Outline for textbook information.

Fall 2017 Schedule

Fall 2017 Registration will open on July 21, 2017

Course Code Course Name Course Fee Day Course Date Time Delivery Method Course Outline
TWRT 201 Technical Writing: Introduction $433 Wed 6-Sep - 25-Oct n/a Online
TWRT 202 Print & Online Design $409 Wed 1-Nov - 13-Dec n/a Online
TWRT 203 Quality & Production $409   Winter 2018 n/a Online
TWRT 204 Principles of Project Management $409 Thu 14-Sept - 26-Oct n/a Online
TWRT 205  Promoting Your Technical Writing Services $433 Mon 11-Sep - 6-Nov n/a Online
TWRT 206 Technical Editing $433 Tue 24-Oct - 12-Dec n/a Online
TWRT 207 HTML: Introduction $433   Winter 2018 n/a Online
TWRT 209 Creating Video Demonstrations $433   Spring 2018 n/a Online

Note:  schedule subject to change based on demand