Visitor Parking Instructions

Location of Pay Stations in each building.North Campus Visitor Parking Instructions

Upon entry, please push the button and take a ticket to raise the gate and enter the lot.  Please remember to take your ticket with you so that you can pay at one of the various pay on foot parking machines located throughout the campus.  See image for locations.  Once you have made payment at the pay on foot machine, please take your validated ticket with you and when exiting the parking lot with your vehicle, insert your ticket into the exit terminal and the gate will lift allowing you to exit the lot. 

Visitor parking is only available in the gated Pay-on-Exit lots (Lots 5, 6, 8 & 10)

If you lose your ticket it is your responsibility to make a lost ticket payment ($7), there will be no exceptions.

Parking gates are down 24hrs/day.

Lakeshore Campus Visitor Parking Instructions

Lakeshore Campus visitor parking is available in Lot 1, which is west of Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive, with the parking lot entry off of 23rd Street South. Once you park your vehicle please purchase a pay and display ticket from one of the numerous pay and display machines, and display the ticket/receipt face up on your dashboard. A very limited number of visitor spaces are also available at the new Student Welcome and Resource Centre, at 2 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive where the method of payment is pay by license plate.