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Business Communications Certificate

Program 09551

Business CommunicationsThe Business Communication Certificate is designed for experienced professionals, those already in the field that wish to improve their communication skills, and for individuals interested in entering the business environment. In today's business world, effective communication is vital to success: yours and your organization's.

Successful managers know how to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively. Poor communication skills, on the other hand, often restrict otherwise talented people from getting ahead in the business world. This Business Communication Certificate is designed to provide students with the skills needed to become effective communicators. Participants will develop and enhance their written, verbal, interpersonal communication skills and presentation techniques, to ensure success in any business environment.

The Business Communication Certificate requires the successful completion of six courses. Students have the option of completing the entire certificate online if they wish to do so.


Note: Students who have completed COMM 300 or ESL 300 will be exempted from COM. 001. Students who have completed COMM 214 or COMM 103 will be exempted from COM. 024. 


Six Required Courses (Two Compulsory and Four Elective)

Offered Online  


Code Course 


COM. 001

Compulsory Course

Effective Business Writing 1

(Students can take this course either in-class or online.)

COM. 022

COM. 127

Effective Presentations OR

Organizational Business Communication 

COM. 023


Report and Proposal Writing  OR

Research Proposals:Planning and Design

COM. 024

COM. 129

Grammar and Editing  OR

Grammar for Writing Professionals

COM. 025

COM. 131

Interpersonal Communications OR

Interpersonal Communications


SOCI 077

Compulsory Course

Introduction to Intercultural Communication

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We also offer the online course:  Writing for the Web.


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