Introduction to Accessible Design in Media

Focus Area Seven
Profile of Ing Wong-Ward

Image: Portrait of Ing Wong Ward on a Toronto Street


In this focus area, we interviewed Ing Wong-Ward about representation of disability in broadcast media and the complex debate about language used by media makers to describe disability. Ing Wong-Ward worked for at the CBC for 22 years in a variety of positions and was the Associate Director of the Centre for Independent Living open new window (CILT) in Toronto.

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An interview with Ing Wong Ward

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Headshot of Ing Wong Ward

Image: Headshot of Ing Wong Ward

Ing Wong-Ward

Ing began her career at the CBC as an administrative clerk in the Human Resources department. She became the associate producer and co-host of the CBC program The Disability Network; worked as a researcher and producer for Newsworld; and produced stories for the nightly news program The National. Ing spent 15 years with CBC Radio, mostly in the CBC Toronto newsroom as producer with Metro Morning, Here & Now and Fresh Air.

“Particularly in media you can fall into old ruts, and if you don’t have a diverse newsroom”, Wong-Ward said. “You only have a few viewpoints of the world when we know, we all know, that the communities that we live in are way more complex than we often see in mainstream media.”