Focus Area Five
Using Transcripts & ASL at CBC Radio show The Current


In this section we will learn about a CBC Radio project designed to advance the accessibility of broadcasting content for Canadians with disabilities. In 2016, CBC Radio was awarded $62,000 from the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund for their project, Making CBC Radio Accessible (Broadcasting Accessibility Fund, 2016).

Deepening Your Understanding

The project uses speech-to-text conversion technology to post daily transcripts of the CBC radio program, The Current to The Current reaches some 2.3 million Canadians each week. In addition, one American Sign Language (ASL) interpreted radio documentary will be filmed and posted to The Current website, new window, once a month (Broadcasting Accessibility Fund, 2016).

Please read the following three articles that offer varying perspectives on the CBC’s efforts to make The Current accessible:

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In the text box below state some common key points that you found in the articles. Click the check button below to review a summary of the key points.

Right answer:

  • Positive steps toward inclusive design for the deaf community.
  • More content needs to be interpreted into ASL.
  • Transcripts can also be useful for culturally deaf, post-secondary and ESL students.