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Profile of Jeff Kofman

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In this section, we will learn about Jeff Kofman’s experience as a broadcast journalist and his new transcription software start-up, Trint. We will understand the role of transcription for a seasoned broadcaster and reporter and learn about a new transcribing software and its possibilities for accessibility.

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An Interview with Jeff Kofman

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Jeff Kofman

Jeff Kofman is an Emmy-winning veteran network television news and war correspondent with more than three decades of experience reporting from around the world. He has covered many of the biggest stories of our time including the Iraq War, the Arab Spring, Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf Oil Spill and the Chile Mine Rescue.

As a freelance journalist and commentator Jeff has contributed reports and analysis to the BBC World Service, BBC News, BBC World, BBC Persian Service, NPR, CBC Radio, Monocle Radio and The Toronto Star.

He is also Co-Founder and CEO of Trint, a London, U.K.-based tech company. Trint is developing a productivity tool that revolutionizes the handling of audio/video content offering intuitive editing and sharing of automated transcripts. Trint has developed a text editor that does the heavy lifting for users.