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Check Your Understanding

Select the answer from the options for each question. More than one answer may apply. Correct answers will appear with a checkmark and incorrect answers will appear with an X.

1. Why do people transcribe their audio content?

Question 1 Right answer: all of the choices

2. How can people create transcripts out of audio content?

Question 2 Right answer: A. Manually transcribing the content and B. Using transcription software to transcribe the content

3. What are the two official sign languages in Canada?

Question 3 Right answer: American Sign Language (ASL) and Quebec Sign Language (LSQ)

4. What steps is CBC Radio show The Current taking to make their radio show more accessible?

Question 4 Right answer: Choice B and C

5. How is NPR’s program The Colin McEnroe Show working to make their radio programming more accessible?

Question 5 Right answer: C. They are providing ASL versions of some of their radio show on Facebook Live.

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