Creating Described Video for Broadcast Media
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Check Your Understanding

Select the answer from the options for each question. More than one answer may apply. Correct answers will appear with a checkmark and incorrect answers will appear with an X.

1. What is described video?

Question 1 Right answer: D. Video that has captions on the screen

2. What is integrated described video?

Question 2 Right answer: A. Video that includes the narrator as an actor in the program

3. What is live description?

Question 3 Right answer: A. Live description happens in real time for newsworthy and sporting events

4. What are some challenges that come up when creating live description?

Question 4 Right answer: D. There is the added challenge of trying to time the narration so that it does not overlap with any other dialogue.

5. What year will the prime time programming of certain Canadian broadcasters include described video?

Question 5 Right answer: A. 2019

6. Elements that can be included as part of a described video track are: (check all that apply)

Question 6 Right answer: All of the choices are right

7. What is extended audio description?

Question 7 Right answer: B. When a video is paused so that there is time for the narrator to describe what is on screen

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