Designing Inclusive Images and Words
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Check Your Understanding

Select the answer from the options for each question. More than one answer may apply. Correct answers will appear with a checkmark and incorrect answers will appear with an X.

1. Braille uses raised dots to represent alphabetical letters, numbers, punctuation marks, musical notes, and scientific characters. How do people read braille?

Question 1 Right answer: A. People read braille with their fingertips.

2. What is the best example of alternative text for this image for an online article on diners? An exterior view of the George Street Diner

Question 2 Right answer: D. An exterior view of the George Street Diner

3. What does the International Symbol of Access identify?

Question 3 Right answer: E. All of the above.

4. Identify the symbol for Sign Language Interpretation from the following:

Question 4 Right answer: B. Universal symbol for Sign Language

5. How does the Accessibility Icon Project re-invent the International Symbol of Access?

Question 5 Right answer: B. It shows an active person using a wheelchair for mobility.

6. Which fonts are recommended to make graphic design more accessible?

Question 6 Right answer: C. Arial, Verdana and Helvetica

7. Who benefits from accessible documents and presentations?

Question 7 Right answer: D. Everyone

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