Accessibility Innovation in Media and Creative Arts

Broadcasting Accessibility Fund (Part One)

Image: Broadcasting Accessibility Fund website.


A key agency in promoting accessible broadcast media in Canada is the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund. The first of its kind, the fund is an independent and impartial funding body providing grants for innovative projects that advance accessibility to broadcasting content in Canada.

The fund’s driving principle is simple and clear: It is essential that broadcast content in Canada be accessible across a variety of platforms, including television sets, radio, smartphones, and computers (Broadcasting Accessibility Fund, 2016). And, as broadcasting content becomes widely available across many platforms, it is critical to ensure that persons with disabilities are always provided with the practical and technical means to access this content.

In this section, we will become familiar with the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund and the type of projects they are supporting.

Developing an Understanding

The Broadcasting Accessibility Fund was created when Bell Canada Enterprises acquired CTVglobemedia, approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) along with a funding amount of 5.7 million dollars (Broadcasting Accessibility Fund, 2016).

Their mandate is to support and fund innovative new projects that aim to increase and advance accessibility in broadcast media for all Canadians and develop inclusive design as a feature in the earliest possible stages of project development (Broadcasting Accessibility Fund, 2016).