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Advertising and Marketing Communications - Diploma
Fall 2013
The Advertising and Marketing Communications program is a two-year diploma consisting of four academic semesters, with a four-week placement at the end of the final semester.


Advertising Media Management Certificate
Fall 2013
Humber's one-year Advertising – Media Management graduate certificate program consists of two academic semesters and a four-week placement following the second semester.


Fall 2013 - Degree Bachelor of Commerce Management Studies
Fall 2013
A Bachelor of Commerce in Management Studies prepares graduates to take on a wide variety of management roles within domestic businesses, including Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises.
Fall 2013 - Degree Bachelor of Commerce Marketing
Fall 2013
Humber’s Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing provides a solid and current understanding of the many facets of the marketing discipline. In an industry that has seen dramatic changes in a few short years, this degree combines leading edge technological practices with traditionally successful methodologies.
Fall 2013 - Degree Bachelor of Commerce Supply Chain Management
Fall 2013
The Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management is a four-year program that prepares graduates for a career in this specialized field across a wide array of industries by providing a solid grounding in business and supply chain skills. Its enhances and develops students’ competence and intellect to succeed in a highly competitive global industry.
Bachelor of Commerce - Finance
Fall 2013
The Bachelor of Commerce in Finance is a four-year business degree that provides knowledge of both business and finance. Introductory courses provide a fundamental understanding of traditional business functions and processes. This is followed in the 3rd and 4th years by the application of theories, methods and techniques in various aspects of finance including analysis, planning, and risk management.