Applied Degree Breadth Electives

Course Code: 
Course CodeCourse Name
ACCT 1000Introductory Financial Accounting
ADV 1000Introduction to Advertising
ADV 1001Visual Communications
ANTH 1000Principles of Anthropology
ARTS 2000Film: Styles, Narratives and Techniques
AWCR 1002Academic Writing and Critical Reading: Business and Society
AWCR 1003Academic Writing and Critical Reading: The Imagination, Self and Society
AWCR 1004Academic Writing and Critical Reading: Approaches to Literature
AWCR 1005Academic Writing and Critical Reading: Plagues, Floods, and Pandemics - Communities in Disaster
AWCR 1006Academic Writing and Critical Reading: Nature, Ecology and Society
BUS 1500Business Information Systems
BUS 2504Web Development
BUS 3505Cross-Cultural Communication
CRIM 1000Introduction to the Canadian Criminal Justice System
CRIM 1500Introduction to Criminology
CULT 2001Remix Culture
CULT 3001Online Social Networks
ECON 2000Money, Markets and Democracy
ECON 2001The Underground Economy
ECON 2005Business and Politics
ECON 3000Economic Boom and Bust: Capitalism in Question
ENGL 2000Love Stories
ENGL 2300Betrayal in Contemporary Fiction
ENGL 4000Trauma and Memory In Literature
FASH 300020th Century Fashion History
HIST 1000Canadian Studies: The Challenge Ahead
HIST 1004Leaders Through Time
HIST 1005Great Performances in Jazz
HIST 1042History of Popular Music
HIST 1045History of Jazz
HIST 2002Prohibition: The History of Bad Behaviour
HIST 2100Ten Technologies that Changed the World
HIST 2500Hitler and Stalin: Architects of Evil
HIST 3000History of Canadian Music
HIST 3300Gender and Power: Women's History in North America
HIST 4000Adolf Hitler and the Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany
HIST 4010Josef Stalin: Red Tsar of the USSR
HUMA 2002Religions of the World
HUMA 2003Music, Meaning and Values
HUMA 2005Shakespeare and Film
HUMA 2010Popular Culture: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
HUMA 2015Justice: Philosophical and Literary Perspectives
HUMA 3000Desire and Discontent
HUMA 3001Religion in Society
HUMA 3005Good and Evil
HUMA 3100Visual Culture: Image and Identity over Time
LAW 1000Business Law
MED 1000Survey of Emerging Media
MGMT 3500Project Management
MKTG 1000Marketing
MSTU 1000Role of Media in Society
MSTU 1006Social and Digital Media
MUS 2500Music in World Cultures
PHIL 1000Brainstorm: Ideas and Arguments
PHIL 1199Knowing and Believing: Epistemology
PHIL 1299Justice: Philosophical and Literary Perspectives
PHIL 1499How is Society Possible? Conflict, Cooperation and Social Theory
PHIL 1599Brainstorm: Ideas and Arguments
PHIL 1999Power and the Question of Legitimation
PHIL 2000The Good Life
PHIL 2003Ethics and Moral Theory
PHIL 2005Love and Sex: Philosophical Perspectives
PHIL 2010How is Society Possible? Conflict, Cooperation and Social Theory
PHIL 2015Theories of Beauty
PHIL 2020People, Mind and Body
PHIL 2203Business and Professional Ethics: Your Money and Your Life
PHIL 3000Business and Professional Ethics: Your Money and Your Life
PHIL 3100Existentialism
PHIL 3999Theories of Beauty
PHIL 4000Knowing and Believing: Epistemology
PHIL 5999Good and Evil
PHIL 6999The Good Life
PHIL 7999Power
PHIL 8999Human Security and World Disorder
PLBA 1000Philosophy of Law
POLS 1000Introduction to Politics
POLS 1603Global International Politics
POLS 1999Introduction to Politics
POLS 2000Canada and the World: Trade, Diplomacy and War
POLS 2003Democracy and Dictatorship
POLS 2004Global International Politics
POLS 2005The Art of Leadership
POLS 2010Human Security and World Disorder
POLS 2015Power
POLS 2020The Corporation in Society
POLS 2100Government and Social Welfare
POLS 2999The Corporation in Society
POLS 3000War and Morality
POLS 3200Global Politics
POLS 4000Power and the Question of Legitimation
POLS 4999War and Morality
POLS 5999Canada and the World: Trade, Diplomacy and War
POLS 6999Democracy and Dictatorship
PSYC 1000Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 1273Lifespan Development
PSYC 1650Human Growth and Development 1
PSYC 2000Lifespan Development
PSYC 2004Abnormal Psychology: The Reality of Mental Illness
PSYC 2005Human Sexuality
PSYC 2113Qualitative Research Methods
PSYC 2200Sport and Performance Psychology
PSYC 2203Human Growth and Development 1
PSYC 2313Abnormal Psychology: The Reality of Mental Illness
PSYC 2403Social Psychology
PSYC 2500Social Psychology
PSYC 3000Personality Psychology
PSYC 3002Cultural Psychology
PSYC 3043Human Sexuality
PSYC 3053Personality Psychology
RELG 1999Religion in Society
RELG 2999Religions of the World
RSMT 2500Qualitative Research Methods
SCI 1001Introduction to the Human Body
SCIE 1000Science Matters: Introduction to the Sciences
SCIE 1999Scientific Achievements
SCIE 2000Astronomy
SCIE 2001Evolution: Unraveling Life's Mysteries
SCIE 2002The Wireless Web
SCIE 2004History of Technology
SCIE 2005Introduction to Environmental Studies
SCIE 2008Nanotechnology
SCIE 2010The Body During Normal and Extreme Conditions
SCIE 2014Popular Diets and Problems in Human Metabolism
SCIE 2200Science and Pseudoscience
SCIE 3000Scientific Achievements
SCIE 3006Renewable Energy and Sustainable Future
SCIE 3100Extinction: Biodiversity and Human Action
SCIE 3200Citizen Science: From Genes to Galaxies
SCIE 4004Strange Science
SOCI 1000Principles of Sociology
SOCI 2000Canadian Families: Past, Present and Future
SOCI 2001Behaviour Change for Healthy Living and Personal Growth
SOCI 2002Music in Contemporary Society
SOCI 2005Sociology of the Everyday Life
SOCI 2010Mass Communication
SOCI 2015Sociology of Health
SOCI 2200Gender, Culture and Power
SOCI 2303Canadian Families: Past, Present and Future
SOCI 2534Technology and Social Change
SOCI 2999Social Entrepreneurship
SOCI 3000Sociology of Consumption
SOCI 3001Social Entrepreneurship
SOCI 3004Material Culture
SOCI 3005Technology and Social Change
SOCI 3010City Life
SOCI 3100Race, Gender and the Digital Age
SOCI 3253The Influence of Mass Media on Mass Communication
SOCI 3999Sociology of the Everyday Life
SOCI 4999Sociology of Consumption
SOCS 1999Leaders Through Time
WLCS 1999Popular Culture: An Interdisciplinary Perspective