2014/15 Program

Electrician: Construction and Maintenance Apprenticeship

Our Program

In Humber’s Electrician apprenticeship program, apprentices learn valuable skills including laying out, assembling, installing, repairing, maintaining, connecting and testing electrical systems; planning installations from blueprints, sketches and specifications and installing all electrical and electronic devices; systematically diagnosing faults in electrical and electronic components; measuring, cutting, threading, bending, assembling and installing conduits and other electrical conductor enclosures; splicing and terminating electrical conductors; testing electrical and electronic equipment for proper function.

Your Career

As our population grows, the demand for electricity is increasingly important. Without electricity, nothing works. Power, lighting and central systems require high-level skills – the skills you will master in this program.

Work Placement

Apprentices attend either day-release schooling (one day per week from August to May for all three levels) or block-release (eight-week basic level, 10-week intermediate level, and 10-week advanced level).

Apprentices serve a 9,000-hour apprenticeship with 840 hours allocated to in-school training.

Professional Accreditation, Endorsement and Recognition

Upon successfully completing the in-school Certificate of Apprenticeship from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU), and on-the-job training, students write the Ontario Certificate of Qualification trade exam. Those attaining a minimum of 70 per cent are eligible to work in other provinces participating in the Red Seal Program.

Admission Requirements
  • Grade 10 Ontario Secondary School or equivalent
  • Grade 10 English (applied or academic)
  • Grade 10 Mathematics (applied or academic)
  • Minimum 16 years of age
  • A solid background in science is recommended

Non-academic admission criteria may also be required.

Note: This apprenticeship is regulated by the Ontario College of Trades.

Applicants are required to register through their local Apprenticeship Branch Office of the MTCU.

Additional Requirements

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program is now offered by some Ontario school boards. It allows participants to complete high school while working part-time as a registered apprentice. If you are 16 years or older and have completed Grade 10, contact your guidance counsellor or technical director for more information.


The 2014/2015 fee for this program is

  • basic $450
  • intermediate $550
  • advanced $550.

Fees are subject to change. For more information, refer to Fees and Financial Assistance.



Course Code Course Name
ELAP 104 Electronics 1
ELAP 105 Canadian Electrical Code 1
ELAP 107 Instrumentation 1
ELAP 111 Electrical Theory 1
ELAP 112 Installation Methods 1
ELAP 116 Prints 1


Course Code Course Name
ELAP 205 Canadian Electrical Code 2
ELAP 207 Instrumentation 2
ELAP 208 Monitoring and Communication Systems
ELAP 209 Installation Methods 2
ELAP 210 Electronics 2
ELAP 211 Electrical Theory 2
ELAP 216 Prints 2


Course Code Course Name
ELAP 305 Canadian Electrical Code 3
ELAP 307 Instrumentation 3
ELAP 309 Installation Methods 3
ELAP 310 Electronics 3
ELAP 316 Electrical Theory 3
ELAP 326 Prints 3