Humber Research & Innovation has launched

a new fellowship program to support faculty 

engaged in innovative projects.


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Congratulations to faculty member Odin Cappello

Odin Cappello has received support

from OCE for his upcoming project 

with partner BreqLabs, Inc.


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3rd Degree

Humber student wins second prize

at Polytechnics Canada with simulated

crime game


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A Year In Review



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​Humber Research & Innovation supports collaboration, applied research, and innovation at Humber and in the community.

With opportunities to work with industry partners, community organizations, and faculty members, Humber students complement their education with real-world experiences.

Applied research activities enable faculty members to make active contributions to their area of expertise and provide enriched learning experiences for their students.

Industry and community partners work with highly qualified faculty members and enthusiastic students on applied research projects that help advance partner goals and objectives.


Congratulations to faculty member Odin Cappello on his successful Ontario Centres of Excellence Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (VIP) grant to support the industrial design of the next generation gaming glove.  For the project, Cappello and his design team have partnered with Humber Research & Innovation and BreqLabs, Inc., a Toronto-based business developing a sensor glove that can track hand position and gestures with high...
“3rd Degree: Our Day Starts when Your Day Ends” is a new simulated crime game and the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration between faculty and students across several Humber programs: Criminal Justice, Game Programming, 3D animation, Music, and Film and Television Production. The game is based on a real murder that took place in Toronto about 15 years ago. It leads students through a series of crimes to solve...
Ooyavah Inc., an Ontario business specializing in 3D technology, is launching Pryzma, an Apple iPad case that allows glasses-free viewing of 3D content.  This innovative product is the result of a partnership between Ooyavah, Humber College, and Sheridan College and integrates Ooyavah’s 3D lenticular lens array technology with an easy to use case designed by students of Humber’s Industrial Design program.   Humber...

Project Archive

Abstract: This project was a study of youth engagement, which involves youth leadership and decision-making in programs and organizations, and positive youth development. Youth may be engaged in organizations through youth councils, advocacy projects, peer...
Researcher: Heather Ramey, School of Social & Community Services
Project Completion Date: August 18, 2014
Abstract: Small to medium-sized business (SMB) owners and entrepreneurs have atypical schedules and lifestyles, as their daily activities are primarily focused on the growth and maintenance of their businesses. When they seek business-related insight or...
Researcher: Bernie Monette, School of Media Studies & Information Technology
Project Completion Date: July 30, 2014
Abstract: This research study answered the question, “What competencies and abilities specific to the areas of business, technology and media are required by today’s contemporary musicians in order to have a successful professional career?” The rationale for...
Researcher: Andrew Scott, School of Creative & Performing Arts
Project Completion Date: May 30, 2014

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