Director's Message

Headshot of Andrew Clark

Hopefully, this will be the least funny thing you read while studying at the Humber College Comedy Program. Why? Because we’re about helping funny people become funnier. And that’s a lot of fun.

Our students come from across the country and around the globe. For two years they are immersed in every aspect of the comedy business: stand up, improv, sketch comedy, script writing, acting, physical comedy, videos, you name it. Humber grads are working at every level of the comedy business as stand-up comics, writers on television shows, actors, and newspaper columnists. Our alumni include Debra Di Giovanni, Nikki Payne, Nathan Fielder, Jason Rouse, Jeff McEnery, Ryan Belleville, just to name a few. Our faculty are all working comedians and writers, among them SCTV, Second City, Yuk Yuk’s and SNL alumni.

It is an intense, demanding program that pushes students to their creative limits. Our students are serious about being funny. Laughing matters. For most, it is a life-changing experience. Once the comedy bug bites you you’re never the same.

Did I mention it was a lot of fun?

Andrew Clark
Comedy Writing & Performance