Alumni: Creative Book Publishing

Natalie St. Pierre

December 01, 2012
A headshot of Natalie St. Pierre
Natalie St. Pierre
Even with my Master of Arts degree, I found it difficult to break into publishing. Then I discovered Humber's Creative Book Publishing program. The specialized training from working industry professionals gave me a competitive edge, revealed facets of the industry that I never knew existed, and helped me to find my niche. I say without hesitation or exaggeration: I wouldn't be where I am today without Humber CBPP!

Natalie St. Pierre is known variously as freelance editor, associate agent and assistant to the HSW Literary Agency, and program assistant for Humber’s Creative Book Publishing program. After completing the program in 2008, Natalie interned in McClelland & Stewart's editorial department where she put her copy editing and proofreading skills to good use, and met internationally acclaimed authors, such as Anne Enright and Shaun Tan. Humber hired Natalie right out of her internship, and in her two-plus years at the college, she has worked on the annual Book Summit conference, and provided logistical support for writer-mentors--like David Mitchell and Rachel Kushner--attending the Humber School for Writers Summer Workshop. Natalie's recently expanded role at the HSW Literary Agency has allowed her to represent her own clients, including Allison Baggio whose first two books Natalie sold to ECW Press. In her spare time, Natalie is a member of the Keepin' it Real Book Club.