Music Degree

Bachelor of Music at Humber

Humber's Bachelor of Music program is unlike any other four-year bachelor degree in music in North America. By combining the latest recording technologies and entrepreneurial business strategies with performance, production, songwriting, and composition in jazz, pop, R&B, Latin and world music, graduates will be well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for success in today's music world.

After two years of core music courses, students will choose electives in arranging, composition, advanced improvisation, film scoring, recording/production techniques and songwriting along with mandatory courses in music business, creative development, and music production. These all lead to a third-year final recital and a fourth-year recording project.

Students in the Music degree program develop musicianship and artistry by presenting their own recitals, arranging and composing original material, and recording and marketing their own music. In addition, students take courses in music history, pedagogy, theory, aural training, improvisation, ensembles, private lessons, music production and music business. Every student must complete a work placement component in the music industry to establish contacts and relationships with key companies and industry personnel. All students will complete a major recording project/portfolio in their fourth year. The assembled portfolio, which includes a complete press kit and professional-quality recording, as well as other promotional materials, functions as a student's calling card for entrance into the music industry upon graduation.

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Eli Bennett
Music Degree: Alumni
Laila Biali singing and playing piano
Music Degree: Alumni
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Music Degree: Faculty


Emile D'eon giving a private guitar lesson
Music Degree, Jazz Performance Certificate
Denny Christianson  conducting student band
Music Degree, Jazz Performance Certificate
Brian Dickinson & Kenny Wheeler, Kenny Wheeler playing trumpet
Music Degree, Jazz Performance Certificate
Humber's Gospel Choir
Music Degree, Jazz Performance Certificate