Theatre Performance

Humber’s Theatre Performance Program offers actor training for the twenty-first century, combining physical and classical approaches to making theatre. We are interested in actors who have a sense of curiosity, who are explorers and groundbreakers. If you have something to say, we will give you the tools with which to say it.

We will give you rigorous training in the technical skills every actor needs: challenging voice and movement, working with a wide range of texts, creating original work both personally and with an ensemble. We will also introduce you to the entrepreneurial skills you need to make a living in the arts; you will work on-camera, in the voice-over studio, and in stage combat; you will explore and refine your artistic voice and you will become part of the growing network of Humber graduates who are making a difference. You will work with nationally and internationally acclaimed actors and directors who will share with you, as teachers and mentors, their long experience in the professional world.

Our graduates have careers as actors, directors, producers, and writers. You will find them on stages across the country from Shakespeare to burlesque, from contemporary drama to puppetry. You will find them as actors on film, on television and voicing animated characters. They are creators above all, looking to expand Canadian theatre with original voices that spring from many cultures and perspectives.

We also offer graduates entrance to a Consecutive Honours BFA in Acting with York University, giving you full credit for your studio classes at Humber.

If you are interested in challenging your ideas of who you are as an actor and as an artist, we are the program for you. Look at our faculty and some of our productions to see where your dreams might take you.

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Giacomo Gianiotti
Theatre Performance: Alumni
Kelly McEvenue
Theatre Performance: Faculty
Nina Gilmour
Theatre Performance: Alumni