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Keynote Presentation

Setting the Stage: Tradition and Change in 21st Century Education

Learning has changed in the 21st century. What have our institutions done to keep pace? How do leaders, educators and administrators make the leap from working in disconnected and fixed learning spaces to ones that are connective, responsive and innovative? In this talk, Toni invites you to imagine and reimagine what education looks like in a changing world. Designed around her method for organizational transformation, a method she established in 2007 and refined during her time as a education entrepreneurship fellow at Harvard University, you will receive practical and actionable advice that answers the question: "What role do I want to play in this moment of organizational change?". Delivered using her signature style of hope, hype and honesty, Toni's talks are designed to get you, the audience, talking.

Meet Our Keynote

Toni Morgan

Social Change Activist

Photo of Toni Morgan

Toni Morgan is an award-winning educator, leader and social entrepreneur. Since 2003, she has successfully launched and led initiatives that address issues of justice, injustice, organizational change, and inclusion in numerous sectors including education, housing, arts, and most recently, tech. Touted by CNBC and Now Magazine as “one to watch”, her incredible story about her transition from homeless high school dropout, to youth advocate, to international role model and Harvard graduate provides audiences with a thrilling and inspiring peek into the world of a leader on the rise.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

This year's Showcase has made a commitment to sustainable practices. In support of this, we are asking participants to:

Bring their own notepad

By bringing your own notepad, we will collectively save 3.5 trees!

Bring their own water bottle

By bringing your reusable water bottle, we will decrease the demand for single-serve bottled water. This is the equivalent amount of energy needed to illuminate 10 Canadian houses for 1 day!

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