Introduction to Implicit Bias (Support Staff Only Session)

Adam Benn, Sacha Ally
Thursday, July 23, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
MS Teams

Join Adam Benn, Manager Education & Training, Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Diversity & Sacha Ally, Specialist, The Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Diversity.

Objective: To explore “implicit bias” and the ways that implicit bias impacts decision making in post-secondary.

We all have bias. Bias is part of the human condition and helps us sort through massive amounts of information. Bias; however, can distort our worldview leading to biased decision making that is largely unconscious and implicit. “Part of learning about unconscious bias is realizing that our brains are capable of making assumptions and creating mental shortcuts without us even being aware” (Rudman et al., 2009).

This interactive workshop will look at implicit bias, and the impact of implicit bias on decision-making. Using case studies, this workshop will go deeper into the ways that implicit bias can manifest, specifically in post-secondary education.