E-Learning Modules

Applying Critical Thinking Skills - E-Learning

This course explains how critical thinking promotes creative thinking. It also describes the skills required for critical thinking and how to apply critical thinking to decisions, problems or issues in the workplace.
Learning Objectives

Communicating With Confidence - E-Learning

This course shows you how the essential elements of trust, credibility and specific confident communication behaviours bring about confident communication and enhance your influence.
Learning Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to:
- Identify expressions of the essential elements of confident communication
- Recognize how trust and credibility enhance confidence in interpersonal communication
- Recognize the use and impact of confident communication behaviours in a given communication scenario

Communicating with Tact & Diplomacy - E-Learning

This course provides techniques you can use to navigate through conversations in a way that shows sensitivity and respect of others.
Learning Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to:
- Recognize the benefits of being able to communicate with diplomacy
     and tact
- Assess whether an individual has communicated with tact
- Identify skills that will enable you to communicate with tact
- Recognize examples of guidelines for communicating with diplomacy
- Communicate with diplomacy and tact in a given scenario

Customer Service Fundmentals - E-Learning

Good customer service and strong customer relationships begin with building rapport. Building rapport requires knowing your customer, understanding their situation, and providing an empathetic ear for them to voice their concerns. Building rapport can lead to great customer relationships between individuals as well as the company they represent.

Customer Service over the Phone - E-Learning

Can you hear a smile over the phone? When you're providing customer service over the phone – without the benefits of face-to-face interaction with your customer – it can be challenging to establish the right relationship for excellent service. Just like for face-to-face customer service, there are many techniques for service over the phone that can help you to consistently deliver the best customer service.

Enhancing Your Creativity - E-Learning

This course explores the essential attributes of a creative person. It also describes barriers to creativity and how to overcome these. In addition, it demonstrates how you can enhance your creativity in the workplace.

Ethical Decision-Making in the Workplace - E-Learning

How do you go about making the best ethical decision possible? When you are able to recognize areas in which ethical problems occur in the workplace and are aware of the various arguments and justifications that become obstacles to ethical behavior, it is easier to successfully apply ethical standards. This course aids you in identifying ethical problems, helps you avoid the obstacles that may tempt you to act improperly, and gives you the tools necessary to guide you toward the right decisions.

Getting Results without Direct Authority: Building Relationships & Credibility - E-Learning

How can you get results if you don't have authority? Cultivating relationships and establishing credibility are necessary, because they allow you to influence others. If you have effective influencing skills, you'll be able to get what you need or want from others – whether it's your boss, a peer, or someone in a completely different department. Effective influencing, however, requires that you know how to build good relationships, and that you have credibility.

Internal Customer Service - E-Learning

Do you know who your customers are? In a customer-focused company, everyone knows they are responsible for excellent external customer service, but who meets the needs of internal customers? Whether you realize it or not, when you do things to help other people within your company do their jobs better, you are providing internal customer service.

Listening Essentials: Improving your Listening Skills - E-Learning

There are many factors and variables that influence the way we listen. Listening to understand and being able to truly identify what is being said to you is often easier said than done. Internal and external roadblocks can interfere with how we listen and interpret the information communicated to us. In this course, you'll discover how roadblocks such as distractions, emotions, and the way in which we communicate can influence the way we listen and receive messages. The course also covers strategies that you can use to avoid these barriers and improve your listening skills.